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The modern understanding of the how we process emotional events/dynamics is changing rapidly and offers new hope for persons to have success with understanding and integrating their past in a way in which affirmation is available and trauma is sorted through (so as to recognize but diminish its capacity to overwhelm and further impede well being).

Think metaphorically of your brain as a computer with hardware and software to help you move through your life experiences!!!! We now know that concussions/TBI/hitting the head (hardware) is not recommended. One can recover but new research is forthcoming as to the possible effects of such events. Similarly we all come with unique "software" (think of the parts of the limbic system as your unique OS) and depending on the individual narrative this software can indeed be deeply affected with various "symptoms" (sleep interruption/dreams/nightmares/hypervigilance etc) following (almost like a drag or virus on the "software" of your mind). Again the research is powerful and very positive as to the capacity of a human to sort through and recover more effective emotional functioning.

The key is to be AT HOME (with oneself) and OUT OF THE BOX (not too "in" and not too "out") so as to maximize YOUR LIFE going forward!!!!

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